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fled the scene in panic were allowed to return to collect belongings today. an fbi investigation into the incident is under way. the alleged shooter who was wounded in an exchange with authorities was identified as a 23-year-old new jersey man living in los angeles. hours before the incident his family said he sent a text noefg one of his brothers suggesting he was suicidal. the tsa officer was identified at 39-year-old has regard oh hernandez. a new warning about the effect of climate change. a league dravt of the united nations report warns that rising temperature koss produce crop production leading to higher food prices. scientists say sensitive to heat waves to lead to a decrease of food by up to 2% per decade while the demand for food is expected to rise by 14% as the global population grows. >>> from pakistan tonight, word the pakistani lead hear been buried killed yesterday. mehsud was believed responsible for a suicide bombing in late 2009. the pakistani government denounced the drone attack saying it was meant to derail peace talk between the pakistani government and th
on the f.b.i.'s list of most wanted terrorists and a gunman opened fire at los angeles international airport, killing a federal security worker and wounded at least two other people. he was later shot and captured. on the "newshour" online right now, immunizing yourself from financial stress as you age. our economics correspondent paul solman rounds up some of the best advice on not outliving your savings. find that on making sense. all that and more is on our website and a reminder about some upcoming programs from our pbs colleagues. gwen ifill is preparing for "washington week," which airs later this evening. here's a preview: >> ifill: we'll tackle the health care debacle, the frantic effort to fix it and u.s. spy craft at home and abroad. tonight on "washington week." judy? >> woodruff: tomorrow's edition of "pbs newshour" weekend looks at a the surprising variation in the cost and at times high price of generic drugs. for correspondent megan thompson, the story started close to home, when her mother started shopping for an affordable alternative to a brand nam
to work with interrogations. there are very good professional groups. the fbi is excellent. they have people that that is all they do. they do that all the time. they have great experience and they know how to conduct interrogations. but you don't bring practitioners, people who treat patients into this arena, particularly since more often than not they're young doctors, just out of training. and it's not at all up to that point what they have had as part of their experience. >> walt, your answer. >> well, i think if the problem is that they are not that experienced, then perhaps we should be looking or the military should be looking for more experienced practitioners to be part of this. but i think in terms of the overall use of medical professionals, certainly there's nothing legally problematic with that. whether there is an ethical problem for the medical profession is something obviously the medical professions is going to need to wrestle with. >> is this about the policies, is this about the medical practice or is this about the policies of the u.s. government and intelligence.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)